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:: Russ & OZZY ::

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on October 19, 2007 at 12:18 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Russ got to meet OZZY (rock on). I told him he should blog about it, but hey-- you know how time flys. Of course, I'm not going to let a great photo like this go to waste so I'm sharing now!!


As I've written before, I'm so not a reality TV girl BUT I have watched his show and will cop to liking it!! And, I used to listen to his older music a lot in high school.. so, I'm stoked that Russ got to hang out with him.

Neil writes: I enjoy watching you in the morning and sometimes I will catch you at noon, I even enjoy seeing on the evening broadcast, But girl you work way too much..

Don't get me wrong, my wife and I enjoy seeing your wonderful smile and enjoy your very up beat personality. But the bottom line here kid is you work way too much and hard!! Take time off and enjoy life with your family.

Now normally you might wonder if I'm including this because I'm in need of some ego-strokage. That, or I'm hoping someone will show it to my boss. Nope, not this time. What's funny about this email is that I've been taking LOADS of days off in the past few weeks. I have lots of extra vacation to burn before years end-- and, in fact, the boys on my newscast (Russ and Nick) have been giving me such a hard time about it-- perhaps THEY need to read this. ;-)

And, yeah, anytime you send me compliments I pretty much think you rule and try to brainstorm ways to post them without making myself look like an egomaniac.

Mark writes about the program to give middle school students birth control without telling their parents: I will say that I support the concept of birth control for middle schools. The reason is, some young men and young women have *NO CONCEPT* of responsibility. Having birth control available to middle schools makes sense because that is when puberty begins (for the most part, unless we're talking about precocious puberty.

Parents need to do everything possible to prevent the accidental pregnancies that happen during the teen yrs. If parents don't talk to the kids; which is *their* responsibility; where else are kids going to get appropriate information... certainly not from other teens!!! That's just scary to think about!!!

One gal shared this regarding Oprah's illness:

i was thrilled she's bringing attention to hyper and hypothyroidism. it's a very important medical topic to discuss because so many people have it. 18 years ago, after i my son was born, i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. i had difficulty losing my last few pounds and i was so tired i couldn't move. people were telling me i was tired because i had two children. i thought it had to be more than that. i remember how difficult it was just to stand up in a shower. my doctor finally found the problem. she said i was like a "wind-up toy" that was slowly winding down. if i had continued for another 6 months like that i would have gone into a coma. ANYWAY, the great news is i've been on synthroid for 18 years and i feel great. it takes about a year to adjust the dose properly. i know exactly what oprah was feeling. the exhaustion is so devastating. she's fortunate to have gotten it diagnosed.

Roger wrote this after my little flu shot tantrum (really, more of a rant I had on this blog): I've always been wary of flu shots, but after this I might just be a little more open minded.

Thanks, man. I do appreciate hearing that!!

Still to come: blog-reader Rob gets to meet Sammy Hagar and has the photogrpahic evidence to prove it! Blog-buddy Joe welcomes his new son into the world and shares a photo AND Michael shares some cool Hawaii photos!!

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