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:: Happy Day Before Halloween ::

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on October 30, 2007 at 8:07 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

I positively love Halloween. I really do!! It's a fantastic holiday because of how it turns what's scary into what's fun. And, it's one of those holidays both the kids and adults can groove on. AND it doesn't involve me spending $600.00 on presents and Hallmark cards. So. There you have it.

It's the day before Halloween and I'm spun up about it.

So, for those of you who normally see me at 5pm.. I'm not on 'extended leave' or quitting KGW (I took a call from someone who thought I'd left the station to go work at the competition). I've just been cranking out my special reports for November which is why it's been so busy. And when I do that-- there is no one to write my health wraps-- hence the extended absence. Which is also why I'm not blogging about anything health related. I always tie the blogs into the health stories I run, so instead-- you get photos!!!

Here is the producer for the show I anchor, the lovely Miss Kate, who pointed out that she somehow, inadvertantly managed to match her outfit to our scripts. I was like, "You HAVE to let me take a photo!" LOL.


Let's welcome Blog Buddy Joe's NEW BABY ZAK!! He's about 6 weeks I think and cute as a button!! Thanks for sending it, Joe!!


Rob sent me this photo from his trip to Cabo Wabo to see Sammy Hagar on his birthday!! By the way: I'm so front and center at Van Halen in December. That'll be a FUN show.


Debi writes about my necklace:

Nice to see you on the noon news. Love your rock (aka necklace). Had to turn on the big tv to get a bigger picture of it. It is gorgeous!! Did you have it handmade for you?

See here for the full report on it!! ((Stef's necklace Blog ))

Allright.. Enough for today.. I have a funny spider shot from McGorge Scott to post.. and a few more comments from folks-- including "Tell it like it is" Rick and his thoughts on banning smoking. He actually sent me a funny comment that was just too controversial to post here-- but I'll add his smoking comment tomorrow to see what you think.

Til then! Stephanie Stricklen knows a thing or two about email.