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:: PLEASE: Jake's story. ::

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on November 1, 2007 at 8:03 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

You have to check out my 5pm story tonite.. Thursday!!

Please (I'm asking nicely..how 'bout that!)

It's on this amazing little boy Jake who has a disorder so rare.. I bet most doctors could go their entire lives and never see someone with it.

Here is Jake's website, created by his parents to serve as information and outreach for other families with kids like Jake.


Chellie told me when she first heard Jake's diagnosis, the amount of information on the internet was either so limited, or so depressing.. that she didn't want any other parent to feel like that. Her hope is that as families find this website, they'll have a sense of optimism as they face what will be a very tough fight.

Because of the normal time constraints in our 5pm show, I actually wrote two versions of this story. The other one (which is about twice as long.. and my favorite because we get to hear so much more from Jake, Chellie and Steve) will run this weekend. I'll update you when I know exactly when it will air-- but you can look for it in the morning show on either Saturday or Sunday.

Okay.. let me switch gears now and get to the rest of your emails and comments..

Steve writes about that sign I found in the OHSU Center for Health and Healing bathroom: Just think how many people a sign like that actually helps. Scary. You did a great job at the Harvest of Hope fundraiser by the way...

Thanks!! And about the sign-- totally! I was talking with an OHSU PR gal and we joked that it's like those warnings: Do not drink this bleach, Don't use curling iron while sleeping, Do not eat glass.. anyway-- is it because someone actually did those things? Really?! Because if you're tempted to drink the water right out of the urinal.. I'm not convinced you can read the sign in the first place.

Terrance writes about Van Halen: Van Halen has never impressed me that much Steph. I would rather fly to see Iron Maiden in Los Angeles in February than ride the max to see VH.

I know. Don't get me wrong.. I only know the songs with big radio play-- and probably couldn't tell you the titles. BUT, it really will be a fun time no matter what! And about 40 of us at the station are going. I mean, I went to see Barry Manilow for crying out loud and I am soo not a 'fanilow'... and was very surprised at how good of a time I had!! So, I think I'll probably totally groove on VH.

Tell-it-like-it-is Rick writes: Stephanie, I hope you feel better soon. You looked great at the Doembecher auction.

First of all, I am a non-smoker, but the way we are treating smokers is sinful. If the Portland city council had any guts they would ban smoking in the City of Portland, period! Stop nickle and diming the smokers to death. Smoking is legal, how in the heck can you tell a smoker that they can not smoke within 50' of a building? Smokers are a very large minority group. For the life of me, I do not know why the smokers don't vote all these anti-smoking undemocractic council members out of office.

Discuss. ;-)

Amy writes: Hope you are feeling better this week!! ;) I have meant to email you for awhile but life sometimes gets in the way! Plus with kids in school (my youngest is in preschool, yay!) we have had plenty of 'bugs'.....both sick bugs and real ones. Yes, we had the joy of experiencing lice a few weeks ago. It sucks. The lice have been gone now but oh boy...I swear anybody talks about it and you will itch. In fact, have you itched your head yet since reading this??! ;) Hope your next week goes much better workwise since you mentioned in your blog that last week was kind of tough. Have a Happy Halloween!!! ( I can't believe it's that time already, and then the holiday season starts! Yikes!!)

GAACK-- totally itchy. You know.. I have been wanting to do a story on drug-resistant lice. I somehow... somehow managed to not ever get lice as a kid. And considering how common it is, I find that surprising. But just imagine if your kid gets lice and the little buggers don't die off from the medicated shampoo!! That's like insult piled on injury!! Would make a good story, no?

Picture time!!

Michael has me all fired up for my Maui trip in January with the girls after he sent along some vacation photos.

Maui  Aug. 2007 276.jpg

Maui  Aug. 2007 007.jpg

And McGeorge Scott sent this awesome spider shot-- since we've all been having "Are we afraid of them or are we not" discussion:


Aww.. he's smiling! Sort of.

Okay, I'm off to shoot some more special report stuff.. Talk to you soon!!!
Stephanie Stricklen is not afraid of spiders.