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:: Tuesday, Toosday, Tewsday ::

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on November 6, 2007 at 11:18 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Hey there.. still cranking out my special reports. Did you see my interview with Patrick McEnroe? I had a blast-- he's very engaging. I didn't know the tickets to the Davis Cup sold out in 30 minutes for the finals-- PHEW, that's fast, eh? He said he has been overwhelmed with friends asking him for tickets, lol. We did a live interview this morning and I did a later one that will run in this weekend's Sports Sunday (the irony being that it's me.... doing a sports interview.... in Sports Sunday).

Steven sent these pictures of his totally beautiful cats.


But this one made me laugh.. I used to have a cat that would do this and I was always terrified I'd give him a 60 minute spin in the dryer on accident. Never happened, but I did once lock him in there after he found his way under some towels.


And a different Steve sent this photo of his puppy taken from his iPhone-- although I'm too tired to tell if he was serious when he said this was his Milo-- or if he just meant it in general terms. I need a nap. LOL!!


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