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Thanksgiving & Me

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on November 22, 2007 at 9:02 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Yup. Workin' this Thanksgiving.. just like I have for the previous 10 years. One of these days I will have SO MUCH SENIORITY I will never have to work a holiday again. That should come about 2020. In the meantime, I'm actually not whining. I'm just thrilled they (by they I mean "the managers") let me stay on my morning show schedule. I used to fill in a lot on the later shifts, and there was talk about that this Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, I gotta be honest with you-- I'm just not fired up to switch my schedule 180 degrees. I love my current schedule, so I'm thrilled they worked with me on that. Yay Rick, yay Rod.. thanks!

Email/picture time!!

Kristen writes about the egg donation compensation story: I am an egg donor and have been since 2001. Not a donor during college
years but only after the birth of my own children. I have 3. When I signed
up I did not even know that it paid. The compensation back then was very
low. I hate the negative attention that media sensationalizes. Many
beautiful things have happened during my experience...even met children I
have help bring life to. College girls are a good group to seek in because
their schedules are flexible and college experience usually implies some
kind of elevated level of responsibility ( a plus in any job market or on
any application). Lets do a fair two sided story.

We could just as easily focus on the "vain" television media industry that
seeks attractive "picture perfect" broadcasters with college education.
Potential parents know there are no guareantees. They are just hoping for
the greatest odds of a positive outcome. Like any parents, they fall in
love with their children even if they do not produce 2000's on their SAT's
18 years down the road.

Wait.. did she just call me vain?

Look, I'm thrilled Kristen had a wonderful experience. Truly. I know a lot of women do. And other women experience the miracle of childbirth because of the gift that women like Kristen share. But you're kidding yourself if you don't think some folks are essentially paying top dollar to breed a baby of their choice. And no amount of debate will convince me that's ethical or justifiable. Compensation for time and trouble? Sure, I get it. Payment that might make a woman do it because she needs the money? Problematic. Top dollar for a woman's eggs because she's broke, incredibly intelligent, beautiful by our standards, and athletic? Scary.

I stand by the story and wouldn't change a thing. Now I'm off to go look at myself in the mirror some more.

Another woman called me.. furious about the story for a totally different reason. She finds egg donation appaling. She mentioned her religious beliefs saying she can not justify this "casual sharing of eggs" under any circumstances. I believe she likened it to sex for money.

I'm still totally open to discussion on this..Email Stephanie Stricklen @

Let's switch gears...

Rob writes about the Steph twin Matt found in Rome... 1st. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

The picture is YOU, well... it's a mini me. Well, Mini STEFANIE!

They (who ever THEY are) say we have twins some where in the world .... I think Mr. Z just found yours!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!! :-)

Michael Convery (who does our traffic reports) emailed me: Checked out your blog today ( I was really bored -- HA HA ) and the euro chick in that picture might have a similar facial structure, but unless my eyes need to be checked-- she's got gray hair and I'm not talking about a few... I'll take the American Stricklo anyday.
Thanks again for the Hot Cocoa this Morning and have a great Holiday.

Nuts, I thought she was blond. Maybe I'm the one who needs the eyes checked. I bought Convery hot chocolate after he WHINED LIKE A THREE YEAR OLD IN THE CANDY AISLE OF WAL MART about me going on a coffee run last week and not bringing him anything. The whole point of including his email was to tell you that. Still bored, Convo??

Tom popped by: Just wanted to wish you and yours a Great Thanksgiving.

Back 'atcha. May you be super-stuffed with awesome food, relaxed, and enjoying time with loved ones!!

Neil writes about my Monday absence: I missed you this morning, You- the one who is always covering for everyone else! You took this morning off and missed up my whole morning! My Wife and I think you should up-date your picture, You are much cuter now. Boy have you grown in the business.

I know, I know... but there is the problem, my friend. I can not update a darn thing on our website (besides news stories.. I do publish my own.. but that's all they let me do). So, for now and into the immediate future, think of it like a scavenger hunt: how many Steph hairstyles can you find? (Hint: now I think there are only 3...... maybe 2. There used to be, like, 4.)

Mark writes about Nick who does weather in our 4:30am show: I think it's kinda "cute"... From my standpoint, it sounds like Nick has a "thing" for you... "The all knowing Stephanie"... It's kinda cute... Oh, and I *LOVE* the glasses... They make you look edumacated.

See, I am such a huge Nick fan I would have thought it would look the other way around. He's fabulous!

Blog buddy Joe makes the following suggestion right before I shoot it down: So I'm sitting here at my desk, and I came up with a fantastic idea! (Yes, I really should be working...don't tell my boss)

Do you remember that show, "Gimme the Mic" that Channel 8 used to put on? Well, How about a "Dancing with the Portland Media Stars"!

I can see it now! Just pair up an anchor or reporter with a dancer, and have a panel of local dance instructors judge!

You can dance, right? You could do it! I bet Russ "Cuttin' a Rug" Lewis could do it too! Maybe make is station vs. station!

Although I read somewhere that the weather guy on Channel 2 is a professional ball room you might have your work cut-out for you competing against him.

You could do it all for charity!

Ok, I better finish this project.. focus Joe, focus!

P.S. In order to prevent the 'Man Council' from pulling my 'Man' membership card, it's important for me to say that I don't actually watch 'Dancing with the Stars', I just happen to see it when Mary is watching it! ;-)

I have the Man Council on speed dial. They're on their way. And here's why I'm shooting it down: I couldn't live with myself if I got schooled on the dance floor by anchors whose names rhyme with Beff Hianola and Meeve Bunn.

And finally, I leave you on this Thanksgiving with a photo perhaps more Christmas-y in feel, courtesy of McGorge Scott: