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:: ICAS and me. ::

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on December 6, 2007 at 9:10 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

I'm off right after the morning show tomorrow.. headed to Vegas for ICAS (International Council of Airshows). It's a short week for me.. I'm back Wednesday.

But do I have a ton of stuff to get to!!

B writes about the Salt Assault: I, like most educated adults, have grown weary of the government and other agencies tirelessly working to "protecting us from ourselves". So, the answer is NO! We have enough regulations sapping our freedoms!
Thanks for the chance to respond!

Nelson wrote: I am more than capable of monitoring my own salt intake. Let the watchdog group mind their own business. What’s next are they going to want to monitor how much salt I use in my own home?

Mark writes: For someone who deals with stationary edema and has a problem with fluid retention in the first place, I welcome the thought of lowering the salt would be *NICE*. If needed, I can add my own salt, thank you very much.

Roger writes: The LAST thing I or anyone else needs is for a bunch of self appointed and self anointed SALT NANNIES running around tell the rest of us what to do. Yes, too much salt is bad for you. The way to get food manufacturers to use less salt in their products is for people to stop buying those products AND to tell the producers WHY they are not buying those products. The free market will solve this problem very handily, thank you very much.

Rob writes: I say eat what you want ... I try to watch how much salt I do intake, I don't add salt to anything. I say that as I sit here eating Burger King fries HA.... have a great day!

David writes: I realize that Salt intake has to come down for the High blood pressure hypertension set. I am one. How ever I believe whether you use salt or not
is a decision best arrived at by your doctor and yourself.

Anna writes: I think the Government tries to control way to much of our lives now, let’s NOT give them another opportunity to add something else to their list.

As for the snow/flooding coverage...

Debi writes: Hope you are surviving all the storm stories you have been covering. It looked pretty scary out there on Monday and I didn't want to be out in it but then I turn on my TV and there you are ...trying to stay one step ahead of the wind. Look forward to seeing you back on your regular schedule and blogging once again.

Sean writes: With flooding being the main story this week, it's understandable that you haven't had time for covering health stories. However, on Monday I thought you had lost your mind during one of your shots from the Klineline Bridge. You were standing on the side of the bank with Salmon Creek running swiftly just behind you. One slip on that saturated ground and you would have been in the creek. It was a relief during the next shot that you were back on top.

I was totally safe.. I don't mess around in those situations. But is it bad that I'm glad it looked scary?! :-) We watched some guy pick his way along the banks-- all unsteady like. THAT was *awful*. I have no clue why he'd put himself in danger like that.

Tell it like it is Rick writes: Stephanie, You were great. Thanks for all the info on your news segments.

And I know him well enough through his emails to know if he says it-- he means it. So, thanks, man!! Nice to hear.

Bonni writes: I watch the 0430 newscast every morning....so why arent you there in the anchor chair anymore and what happened to nick???? the three of you (russ, you and nick) perked up the broadcast and made it fun to watch.

Did you watch this morning? I'm baaaaack.

Bob writes: Great reporting today. and I liked your hat Sat. Keep up the good work.

My lucky Santa hat? My.. "Hopefully it will snow" hat?! I like it too. :-)

Mark writes: I do have to laugh though, because Portland seems to shut down when it gets more than an inch of snow. ND only shuts down when it gets FEET of snow... We are a hearty bunch back in the midwest. I think it should be a requirement for anyone who wants to get a drivers license in Oregon, they should spend at least ONE winter in the midwest and learn how to drive in snow... BUT, that is only my idea... It won't go anywhere.

I'd be game, but only if I can do donuts in a parking lot.

Pamela writes: I love the snow! My husband and I live - I SWEAR - not five minutes from where you broadcasted. I was taking my three dogs for a walk at 5:45 and thought about stopping by to say hi.

Next time, you must!!

Rob writes: I just saw you do your Live shot, remote (I sound like I know what I am talking about) and I do have to say, rosie red cheeks and all, you look kind of cold!

Steph's list of must have items on cold weather coverage:
~ hot tea
~ handwarmers (LOVE them so much I think one of these days I'm going to stuff like 50 in my jacket all at once)
~ thick gloves
~ channel 8 hat (They don't really want you to wear non-channel 8 gear.. I get it)
~ Adrenaline. You'd be amazed at how fast you warm up once the actual snow falls and you feel like you finally have something to talk about.

George writes: I have not seen you guys for a while now, I am in the military and live in Washington DC area but my wife is still in Gresham and you are probably her favorite on air personality. I am writing to you because I check the KGW web site each day and as the Health Expert felt I should direct the comment to you. There is a headline today "Dog Suspected of Starting Keizer House Fire" This is just another example of why dogs should only be allowed to smoke outdoors!

LOL. Oh yeah, your wife rocks.. in case you were wondering.

How in the world does McGorge Scott do it?? Look at this sweet picture.




Alright.. see you Wednesday!!
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