~~Nicole Kidman Pregnant~~" /> ~~Nicole Kidman Pregnant~~"/>

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~~Nicole Kidman Pregnant~~

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on January 8, 2008 at 9:15 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

Yup. My mom is in Sydney visiting her sister and this is big news there.


From a health perspective she's apparently had some problems bringing a baby to term, so let's wish her the best of luck (and wish her luck dealing with the paparazzi who will probably hound her and Keith like there is no tomorrow).

Hey.. Matt Zaffino started a new blog: http://www.beloblog.com/KGW_Blogs/outdoors/. It's soo right up his alley, too. Although I do have to say this about his whole thing about running shoes-- the most recent pair I bought got trashed on the running blogs. I was so bummed to get the shoes home and read the complaints.. but, guess what-- I have had nothing but amazing success with them. And so I started looking up the other shoes I like to wear and they got trashed too ((and are equally great for me)). So, I guess you have to take shoe criticism for what it is-- one person's opinion which may or may not help you.


At any rate: here's a picture to leave you with from McGorge Scott!! Apparently once this deer started licking the cat he didn't stop for a few minutes. Comedy!!!


I'm off to shoot a story.. I'd say email me, but we are in the transition to a new email server and are having a few hiccups. So, talk to you soon!! Steph