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~Kleenex is my best friend~

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on January 21, 2008 at 5:45 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:43 PM

I spent this weekend with a box of Kleenex (the kind with lotion) and nursed a fever and sore throat. Good times. I'm on the mend, but still sound stuffy today at work. I wonder if you can tell??

Anyway, here is more on that that pregnancy caffeine story I mentioned at about 6am this morning...


The story mentions tea and its caffeine content. I'm addicted to tea.. green tea, oolong, and now chai. You know, I tried chai a long time ago and just didn't really like it.. hindsight being 20/20 I think it must have been a bad mix. The stuff I'm drinking now is like heaven in a cup-- a little soymilk creamer and I'm in business.

I'll update this blog again in a few minutes.. I'm going on the air here at 5:55am. As they say, "Standby".

OKAY.. done with that hit.

Crabby Amy writes: Hope your sore throat goes away.....I know the feeling though. The past three days I keep feeling like I have sore throat coming on but nothing else seems to happen. However, my kids just came down with runny noses and coughs last night so I figure my days are numbered before I get nailed too! love the pictures from McGorge Scott as always... and totally loved Drew's dog pics too! oh and I almost forgot..... a couple of times in the last week or 2 you have worn a really cool necklace/pendant or something that looks like it's made out of glass. anyway, thought it looked very cool..... you have very good taste! :) take care...

Yeah, didn't dodge that bullet. Oh well. I NEVER get a full-on cold (in part because I'll call in sick at the first sign of a sniffle.. which usually nips it in the bud before anything gets ahold of me.. I personally HATE it when people come to work sick. Pet peeve of mine.) This one snuck up on me-- waiting to get worse once I actually got to work. Sneaky little bugger.

As for the necklace.. that's the one from my Canadian friend Dar and here's a little side story. We recently got trained in HD airbrush makeup and one of the tips was to ditch anything you get a lot of compliments on. No joke. The theory is jewelry, etc. is supposed to be "background" and when people notice it-- then that's apparently no good.

And a lot of you have emailed me about that necklace, but I can promise you: it stays. I LOVE it.

Michael writes: I'm interested if there is a story behind this:

"sstricklen@kgw.com is Stephanie Stricklen's real email address, not some cheap knock off you bought from a sketchy vendor while on vacation."

Thanks. Have a great week and hopefully Monday will fly by.

Yeah, Monday better fly by. It's only 6:10am and I'm pooped. As for the comment.. I was just feelin' sassy. I try and write something that might make you want to click and email me, and that's the best I could come up with on a Friday. I'm open to suggestions... email me:

Click here to email Stephanie Stricklen if you have some creative way she can sign off from her blog.
Ps. For you Amy.. courtesy of McGorge Scott!