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.:When Llamas Attack:.

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on March 14, 2008 at 6:55 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

Here's the math:

1 cold + 6 days in duration + 20 hour day yesterday = TGI(payday)F

Hey-- what a nice surprise when I got into work today: THANKS to you who emailed me about my dermatology appointment (Blog Buddy Joe whose son Zac is really into peas right now, Mary, Julie..). Yeah, I do have two more suspicious moles which we'll slice off here April 1st. Maybe I'll try some Botox while I'm there. Or lip filler. Because lips that look that you're having an allergic reaction to shellfish are dead sexy!

Here's me. With my rear parked on that awful paper they use on the exam beds. Feeling cold.


Why are the rooms, like, 55 degrees at all times? I almost (and I'm not kidding here) stuck my feet in the sink and ran hot water over them but I had this vision of me.. open robed.. leg clumsily flung into the sink looking over my shoulder as the doctor came into the room.

After that I beat feet to the DoveLewis Animal Hospital fundraiser... that fashion show I was telling you about. I did end up buying the dress I modeled. I now officially own TWO dresses (besides the formals for work events I emcee)!!! This is huge as I have spent the better part of my life hating A) dresses and B) bikinis.

My friend Siobhan let me walk her Jack Russell named Tater.. and we were both all over the news which was cool!! I owe her so bigtime.....

DoveLewis had Candice at Belle Epoque do my hair and she did this really sweet Asian inspired updo to match my dress..


And I wish I could remember this gal's name... I think she's with Blush Beauty Bar. She did rock star makeup with this sweeping green shadow, mineral makeup, and gold lipstick.


I felt like a supermodel, only without the coffee and cigarettes for breakfast.

But one of the big highlights for me was this:

You can't really tell but Rojo has his furry nose pressed firmly into my cheek where we he patiently sat until we got a photo. His breath smells like alfalfa.

I'm taking it waaay easy this weekend. I gotta shake this cold. :-)
See you Monday! sstricklen@kgw.com