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Middle-Of-The-Night Gotcha Awake?

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on May 19, 2008 at 12:44 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

I can't wait. I know the emails are coming... "Why do you run a story on sleep at 11pm when I'm asleep?" and while I don't have control over when my stories run, I think I can take a stab at the answer: because a lot of people who watch the 11pm enjoy sleep stories.

But you know, almost all of my longer-format stories get posted to the web, so you can always check them out the following day if you're so inclined.

The last time I did a sleep story I got these awesome tips from people who emailed me:

~Make bedtime a ritual and your mind will get used to feeling sleepy if the routine is always the same and happens at the same time.

~Try herbal tea.. the warmth helps you feel sleepy.

~Also, try warm milk.. which may have a foundation in science... the Mayo Clinic offers this link on foods to promote sleep:


Here is a brief primer on sleep apnea:

And a link to a national advocasy foundation:

And finally.. let's talk about our modern diet. Dr. Root mentioned that one of the working theories is that our diet is soft. Yup. Soft. Back in the day we used to eat foods that were a lot more chewy or just plain hard. Harder foods cause your teeth to angle putting an outward pressure on the bones around the roof of your mouth. Basically, your teeth angle inwards-- sort of stretching the roof of your mouth-- which leads to bigger sinuses and better breathing.

Our modern diet means potentially smaller sinuses. I thought that was pretty facinating.

Here is a quick pic from a family friend Jodie.. she's been trying for this shot and finally got her son Jack in his best I'm-about-to-cause-some-trouble-but-I'm-OHH-SO-CUTE pose.


Adorable!!! Happy Monday...