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.:BOOZE for your BONES:.

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on May 29, 2008 at 12:37 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

Yet another study touting the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption... check it out here:

But (and I've said this before).. most of us have skewed ideas of what makes up one drink.. be it beer or a mixed drink or wine. I mean, most of my wineglasses at home are pretty big. I once measured out of curiosity and the glasses comfortably hold 12 ounces-- when a typical serving is 5 ounces. So, one "Steph" glass is more than 2 servings of alcohol. That's just not gonna work!! I now use this little tiny glass I have from a wine tasting trip.. and it looks really small by comparison, but sticks to the proper serving size.

I found an insiders blog talking about this very issue of serving size here:

((Light bedtime reading, anyone? I made it to page 4 and them zoomed to the conclusion pages.

Heaven forbid McGorge Scott take a vacation or go to a track meet ((both things he does)) because email me looking for his photos!!

He's back and sent along these two gems of his favorite big buck. What a difference a few weeks make in those antlers!!

Boss Buck May 27 2008 a.jpg

Boss Buck May 27 2008 b.jpg