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.: MAXimum SECURITY @ KGW :.

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on June 5, 2008 at 12:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

The headline to this blog will make sense in a little bit.. but first I have some business to get to.

So, at noon and at 5 the "lush lashes" story was on deck. That's the one where folks on the glaucoma eyedrops noticed all of sudden they had movie star lashes; thick, dark, long (only minus all that glue and obvious fakeness that comes with most false eyelashes).

I talked about the race to bring a cosmetic product to market and the lawsuits in the race to be number one. Here's more on that:

I really liked this write-up on 'celebrity sickness' and the Kylie Minogue breast cancer screening effect:

Here's the State Of Oregon page on flouride in water:
This link was prompted by Haggen stores now offering free prenatal vitamins and flouride tablets if you have a prescription.

And finally.. look who came for a visit this morning:

That's Max sitting in Kate's lap. She's our 4:30am producer. Max turned up in the halls.. I dunno.. about 5:30 this morning or so. He is the cutest little guy. None of us in the newsroom could get enough of his friendly, happy antics. He totally kept us entertained. But where exactly did he come from?

I called the KINK studio (which is upstairs in this building) and asked them, "Um, any of you misssing a white dog?"

Sure enough.. that's Sheila Hamilton's little guy. She's tall, slender, and blond.. just like Kate-- so maybe that's why Max took to Kate so quickly. It was pretty cute. He kept pawing at her to get her to play.

PS. Sheila had him here because he was off to the groomer's after her shift ended. I told her to let us babysit anytime.