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By the seat of our pants...

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on November 25, 2008 at 12:22 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

Last night's show was sooo by the seat of our pants. KGW's exeuctive producer came up to me this morning and said she could tell something was up, and when she talked to producer Aaron about it-- she got the full, behind-the-scenes story.

It started with me making a stupid mistake. I forgot to get my leg strap for the IFB box (the box that lets me hear producer Aaron talk to me during the show). So I bolted back into the newsroom to grab it, but didn't have time to get it in place before the first block.

Then we couldn't find the cocktail table. Okay, it has never held a cocktail.. nor will it. But that's what we nicknamed it. One of our directors found it at the last second and drug it into place with seconds to spare before Tracy and Laural tossed to me. It's not the most sturdy little guy so I think it was still swaying when we came to me.

Of course, during all this the director IFB audio board was kaput. That basically means I was without contact from the folks in the booth (producer Aaron, director Paul) until they developed a workaround solution. Then I lost my teleprompter for a bit due to a bunch of extra info that got loaded into a script, then the printer decided it wanted 10 minutes to spit out some new scripts so I was reading off prompter without a hard copy backup.. anyway, the whole show just about made me feel like I'd sprinted 5 miles.

But you know, that's actually the great thing about my line of work. Today is a new day. In so many jobs, stressful situations or deadlines carry on until projects are completed. For me.. I get a whole new start. Every. Single. Day. (yay!)

I have to share this great video that's making the rounds on Twitter. While I've seen a bunch of folks passing it around.. @verso gets the credit since she sent it to me specifically. The reporter did an awesome job with the story, and I especially, especially like her last line in the piece.

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Happy Tuesday! :)