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I'm pregnant.

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on December 8, 2008 at 3:50 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

Yup. A little more than 3 months along. AND I'VE WANTED TO TELL YOU FOR WEEKS!! WEEKS! Between me feeling tired beyond belief, to having legendary breakouts that would make a high-school freshman blush, I've wanted to (over)share every high and low. But, I also wanted to make sure everything was okay with the little peanut and you can't get those kinds of answers until about week 12. So I waited.

I found out I was pregnant right about the same time Milo passed away from cancer. It was a tough time and a wonderful time all at once. I can't describe it.. so I'll leave it at that.

The past three months have been wild. Absolutely wild. I've become the master of O'Doules, root beer in a beer glass, and virgin bloody mary's. I've given up raw sushi and raw milk cheeses. I've developed a weird crush on potatoes, pasta, and other carbohydrates. I've sat around a lot on the weekends.. just reading and relaxing. I've learned so much, and just enjoy being with my husband and family; planning, hoping, dreaming. Man, I don't even see commercials for toys the same anymore. I'm sure parents can relate.

John has been a saint. He's been more than a saint. He's the man I'm starting my own family with and there is no one else I'd rather embark on this adventure with than him. When we talked about giving up our selfish lives-- lives filled with "me, me, me".. and settling down to start a family-- he was perfectly in step with me. We've always been on the same page. And the look on his face when I told him......... priceless.

I'll have more in future blogs, and I will apologize now if you get bored with my baby babble. This is my first child, and I'm over the moon with excitement.

One note: if you email me saying you could tell, oh, I don't know.. maybe you noticed my mid-section seemed a little larger than you might expect from an on-air person.. I will tell you that I think you are either a) insensitive or b) rude. I'm only now starting to show, as in just barely. What you see on TV is me.. minus the forgiving TV anchor news jacket and plus a few unfortunate wardrobe choices on my part (I'm a terrible shopper and not a fashionista by any stretch). I'm also not a size 6. Never will be. And I'm very okay with that.

I will tell you though.. even showing a little bit-- there is nothing like noticing that bump for the first time. Or hearing your baby's heart beat. Or seeing the little nugget bounce around on the ultrasound. I'm smiling from ear to ear. It feels soooo good to share this.

With hugs and smiles, Steph :-)

I told my tweeps first (well, I told family first, then a very small group of friends, then my bosses, then work folks, THEN my tweeps-- but hey, I haven't posted it to my Facebook yet).. if you twitter you can find me here:

And here is the Live @ 7 twitter.. the voice of which is none other than.. producer Aaron!