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Like the hangover I haven't had in ages.

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on December 10, 2008 at 1:08 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

Sometimes waking up in your first trimester of pregnancy you feel.. hungover. Kinda dizzy, sorta nauseous, definitely tired. Only you didn't have some late night extravaganza.. no "girls night out", no party. At least that's how it went for me.

But I haven't spent much time whining because in the big scheme of things, my first trimester was a breeze. I know women who ended up the hospital, they were so sick.. believe me, spend a minute talking to someone who's slept in a sterile bed for three days hooked up to an IV and you'll think twice about telling them you feel "a little foggy".

And as someone who isn't great about just sitting around.. the fatigue has been a bit of a blessing. When I get home.. I get home. And I like it.

The husband and I were having a marathon sit-around fest and I remembered that I'd heard somewhere you could download World of Warcraft for a free 10 day trial. Having seen some of the spoofs (Southpark, Simpsons) I thought, why not?

But here's the thing you should know about me and video games. I'm terrible at them. Beyond terrible. The only video game I ever liked was Doom and that was after the husband got me cheat codes so I was invincible and could walk through walls. I'm not even good at the Sims. The Sims, people. The Sims. Where all you have to do is feed and water and house your little peep and voila.. instant success. Can't even play that. My guy would just go to bed and a robber would come and he would die. Every. Single. Game.

World of Warcraft might just be my kind of game. I'm able to play on servers where strangers can't attack me. I've fulfilled a couple of quests. I'm about a level 5. If you play, this makes sense. If you haven't.. then basically you just need to know I'm almost as new as they get. I clumsily plod around in this virtual world next to people who are, like, level 75 super-warriors riding ridiculously cool-looking two-headed beasts that spit fire or lightening bolts or whatever.

And, I've only thrown up my hands once when I got flustered in an ambush. The husband stepped in and saved my bacon. Frankly, I prefer watching him play. He spends half the time and is already twice as good. He tells me I should try to get my friend Siobhan to play with me (she'd rule at this game).. but, let's be honest, no one is going to want to hold my hand and that's exactly what'll happen. But it's been a very fun time waster. Maybe not $15 dollars a month fun.. but fun nonetheless.