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The doc confirms: my baby is a...

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on January 5, 2009 at 12:12 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM


We are definitely having a girl. One of my two baby doctors guessed as much weeks ago, and I mentioned that here. But there was always room for that to change. As he said at the time.. don't buy anything pink or paint the room until we confirm that, or else you'll kill me when I tell you you're having a boy.

I found out Friday that she is, indeed, a she.

And she's healthy. Double bonus. She was yawning in there, apparently bored by the whole ordeal and squirmed a little after I laughed at her. On the ultrasound, when I giggle it looks like an earthquake hit. But the doc asssures me she is all cushioned and good to go.

Here is my latest ultrasound-- I'm 4 months along and she is still about a week bigger than a normal baby her age (and she has really long arms-- a monkey just like my tall husband-- maybe she'll get some of his height because Lord knows it won't come from me).


Which brings me to my next question. Any suggestions on great places to get professional maternity wear that doesn't cost a fortune? Please, just leave me a comment below. I'm all ears!! I'm down to two pairs of work pants that fit right now. Well, everything fits as long as I don't button anything. Which is a problem in my line of work. Could you imagine me standing on the set at 7pm and someone noticing that my pants aren't buttoned? You can't tell I'm pregnant to look at me head on (that is to say I'm just as big as I've always been head-on), but when I turn to the side-- BOOM: there she is. This baby is riding low.. or at least that's where the "bump" is. My mother in law carried her babies high and had no problem wearing her regular pants for a while. Yeah, not me.

I was staring at my belly in the mirror with the husband and I informed him I'm right in that in-between point, where it's conceivable I'm just sporting a huge beer gut. Awesome. All the pain, none of the glory.

I'm looking forward to being obviously pregnant. :)