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Wow: So many excellent ideas!

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on January 13, 2009 at 2:25 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

The non-shopper in me is actually looking forward to doing some maternity wear shopping thanks to all of your amazing suggestions you posted on my previous blog. So, a very heartfelt thanks for taking the time and giving me some good direction.

Of course, you get double the bang for your buck because I have someone here at KGW to share all that good advice with...


Teresa Blackman. She's on our team.. you've probably read her stories on our website. I've known Teresa for years and we get along great. I've even babysat her adorable dog Belle, which was super fun until Belle learned that houseplants are fun to uproot and shake all about the house. Now we just dog walk instead.

Anyway, the cool part of this story is that Teresa and I are due within days of each other. She needed to wait a bit longer to spill the beans than me.. so we've exchanged some sneaky newsroom text messages to each other and had some rather entertaining phone calls about pregnancy symptoms (we have totally different symptoms and it's been a blast comparing notes).

But the most memorable part of this story is how we told each other we were pregnant. I was only 6 weeks along, minding my own business in the newsroom when she started in on me:

Teresa: "You want to coffee walk?"
Me: "Naw, that's alright.. I'm good."
Teresa: "Are you sure?" (I can usually be swayed)
Me: "Yeah, but thanks."
Teresa: "No. You want to coffee walk." (Which means something is up)

So, we got outside and as soon as the back door closed she got these big happy tears in her eyes, the world's hugest smile, and blurted: "I'M PREGNANT!"

To which I think I almost gave her a heart attack when I said: "ME, TOO!"

That will go down as the coolest coffee walk. Ever.

I'm so glad she decided to say something to me, because the husband and I had told very few people at that point. We were going to wait until at least 12 weeks.. longer if there were any problems. So, to have another pregnant friend to talk to, whine to, and laugh with about some of the silly, stupid, and wonderful stuff that happens was... awesome.