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Well rested and good to go.

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on February 17, 2009 at 12:24 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

Man, what a nice week off.

We did a little 'staycation', figuring this would be the last time I'd have a week off and not have a child to contend with. You know, it was weird to think about that, frankly.. not having a car seat in the back. Not finding crusty Cheerios everywhere. No diaper bags. Sleeping in. Not being asked if I'm pregnant 3 months after giving birth because if you have my metabolism you know the weight is not coming off without an epic battle. That kind of stuff.

Anyway, I realize I'm not paving new ground here, people. Parents everywhere have gone through this. It's just that it's all new to me. And because this pregnancy of mine has gone so well, I'm quite confident the universe will pay me back in spades with a fussy infant. But she'll be darling even when she's showing mama the bottom of her lungs. What can you do but deal with it, right?

I had a riot watching Joe Donlon fill in on my show. I only watched the Monday show because my "Crazy Canadian Friend Darlene" (CCFD) flew in and we were tied up doing stuff every night. It was cool to see the show from the outside looking in-- and Donlon "nailed it" (as he sometimes jokingly hollers in the newsroom). And he's on Twitter:!

You've heard me talk about Twitter here before and I wanted to just briefly give you another example of why it's fun and useful. I dropped a tweet asking people for suggestions on what to do with CCFD while she was in town and instantly.. instantly.. I had, like, 20 excellent suggestions. Somehow I'd forgotten to put Powell's on my list (doh!) but a few of my tweeples (Twitter + people = tweeples) suggested it. CCFD *loved* it. She bought some paperbacks and I dropped some serious cash on Neil Gaiman stuff.

Speaking of Neil Gaiman (Coraline author), he's on Twitter, too:

CCFD, the husband, and I went to see Coraline in 3D last Thursday. Totally worth it to see it in 3D while you can (at some point the 3D theaters switch over to...I think the Jonas brothers, or something like that). I'd already seen Coraline, but wanted them to catch it as well. They LOVED it! That Tim Burton sure is a genius. I kid, I kid.. Tim Burton had nothing to do with it, but some media types have linked him to the movie in their poorly-written reviews.

But now, the staycation is over. It's back to business. I got back yesterday to find a big box on my desk.. an incredible gift for The Nuggette:


That's a handmade stuffed puppy; brindle, just like our real puppy Harley. A very kind gal Kathy made it for me. Her main squeeze Dale works at the Safeway by our house and he always tells me that she loves the show. We've emailed back and forth, but never met. I was just floored at how sweet that gift was. THANKS KATHY!!!! (and Dale).

On that bright note, I'm off to round up a phojo to work with for my daily Square Voices interview.

Oh yeah, at my 21 week ultrasound the doc told me The Nuggette is 90th percentile. As a non-parent, I had no clue what that meant.

Me: "Is that good?"

Doc: "Well, sure. She's growing well."

Me: "So, 90th percentile means she's big?"

Doc: "Let me put it to you this way. If 100 women had a baby right now, including you, only 10 would have one bigger than yours."

Me: "Um, at what point do we talk about epidurals?"