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My womb is like a snow globe.

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on February 23, 2009 at 1:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

We're off to another roaring Monday.

I got in at 11:20am and slammed together a story for the noon and 12:30 on the beer tax hearing in Salem this morning. Of course, because it's Monday, my 12:30 hit never made air. Well, it's not really Monday's fault, but I figure this day has done enough to warrant some of the blame.

We'll revive that un-aired version tonite at 5. We're short reporters today so I'm working on that in the other newscasts.

I should mention this weekend was nothing like this particular Monday, both in name and spirit.

The husband and I flew to Boise for a good friend's wedding and it was one heckuva party.


750 people. Standing room only at the HUGE church. Some poor usher broke a sweat to race off and find me a folding chair that I kept insisting I didn't need. Of course, the husband thought I was nuts. And, of course, he was right. My back would have staged a revolution and flung itself into a fit of spasms had I attempted a full Catholic mass in high-heeled boots and a 'kicky' dress. The chair was a smart idea. Sometimes I forget that I'm carrying around all that extra weight centered right on my mid-section. I'll learn. So, right from the ceremony we headed off to the reception. The whole thing started at 2pm and lasted until 1am. I'm sure with all the dancing I did my womb felt like a snow globe in the hands of a pre-schooler. And, you know, the book I'm reading says babies at this point in their development can hear. So, I figure mine was listening to the underwater sounds of a great cover band while whooshing back and forth as I danced probably thinking to herself, "Really, mom? Really? I'll enjoy kicking you awake tomorrow morning for this one."

I managed to hang on until just before 11pm which, when you're nearing the 6 months preggers mark, is quite a feat. I was just having such a blast I waited until my body said, "ENOUGH!" and that's when we left.

This week should be interesting. We have rehearsals planned in the new studio (no, no date yet on when we'll be in) and a day without a 7pm show. I'll keep you posted on how it looks. I've only been inside the space once before the fancy flooring and set got installed. I can not wait to see what it looks like.

Happy.... Tuesday (here's to wishful thinking).

This blog written using Moveable Type in IE. Yes, IE. Not Firefox. Not Chrome. Go ahead, tell me how stupid it is I'm using it, lol. I got it all day on Twitter ;)