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You can't make this stuff up.

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on March 27, 2009 at 4:46 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

In today's installment of Teh Clumsy, I'm thrilled to report that I've moved past spilling beverages all over everything and everyone thanks to this cup:


If you want to know how I feel about that cup, just pretend you hear an angelic choir while the sky opens up in a blaze of sunshine and unicorns. That's my mental soundtrack when I hold this cup. It's made by a company called Contigo and is on loan from Producer Aaron until I can get my own. But that puppy can hold a beverage upside down and not spill a drop. Works even better than my lidded water bottle because it keeps my tea warm all day. Of course, some of my more helpful friends on twitter have suggested I instead get a Snuggie made entirely of ShamWows, that sort of thing, but I think the adult sippy cup will do.

Make no mistake: I am still a danger to objects within arms reach, as witnessed by what happened to me during our noon show today.

My work TV gets terrible reception. Terrible. Ironic considering I work at a TV station, right? You'd think we'd have a fix for that, but we don't. Every day that I want to watch the news turns into this ridiculous dance of me fiddling with the antenna.. little to the right.. nope.. little bit up.. ohh, that's worse. You get the idea.

Today Teh Clumsy caused me to flat snap the whole antenna clean off.

I sat there, still as stone, blinking rapidly, holding the broken antenna in my hand.

And then I looked over.

For the first time in the 9 years I've worked at KGW, that stupid TV on my desk got CRYSTAL CLEAR RECEPTION.


Finally! Teh Clumsy is good for something. Who knows, maybe the husband will let me install the WiFi in our house, because odds are I'll break something and be able to surf on our home network while visting Mexico. Come say hi. I'll be the one on the beach drinking out of an adult sippy cup while wearing a Snuggie made entirely of super-absorbent towels.