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I have a swollen WHAT?

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on April 29, 2009 at 1:35 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

A swollen kidney.

The doc thinks I may have a swollen right kidney. Turns out my uterus is a bit of a bully. And as it steals lunch money from all my other internal organs, things in there are getting rough. And like that big, mean kid in the second grade who used to pummel you with the dodge ball; my uterus always wins.

So, my new pregnancy homework is to sleep only on my left side. Always. Have you ever tried to sleep in one position for the entire night? I felt limited when I had the right side as my other option. Now, I don't even have that. And as I tried to put on the smiling, happy face in the doctor's office, she looked at me knowingly and said, "The last month is the hardest month. It's why women actually start looking forward to labor."

It's possible I do have a very persistent muscle strain and not a swollen kidney. If so, it's a stubborn bugger that refuses to respond to heat, ice, stretching, girdles Maternity Support Belts, and Tylenol. But, it's not like my doctor is going to muck about with all kinds of fancy diagnostic testing if everything else looks good (which it does), so I have the added benefit of Physical Therapy now.

And let me end that bit of conversation by saying I'm having a good pregnancy. Of all the things that can and do go wrong, for all the women who puked their guts out, got put on bed rest, had sick little ones, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, whatever... I have you in my thoughts when I say I am NOT whining about this. I have no room to complain. A little back discomfort? Please. So, here is me sucking it up and shutting up about it.

On the bonus side, this little Nuggette looks like she is a normal-sized baby. At my last ultrasound, they pegged her in the 90% percentile; a huge baby with long limbs. As my eyes widened at the thought of having some whopper 10 pound infant, they assured me her growth could level off. And it has. Makes this mama very, very happy.

The husband and I did our childbirth class this past weekend. Let's just say the videos were... eye-opening. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@StephStricklen) you saw this picture this weekend, but there are a fair bit of you who don't use it. Here is the husband doing what he does best; impressing me with his wonderful attitude and sense of humor.


That's a 35 pound "empathy belly" which he volunteered to wear around the classroom. It even has a lung compression band that simulates why I sound like I'm running in circles while reading the Top 8 during my 7pm show.

And one last note for you: it's funny because well-meaning people have started saying to me, "WOW! Any day now, huh?!" and "You look ready to pop!".

I still have 6 weeks.