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BABY POOL: when will she get here?

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on June 9, 2009 at 9:25 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

How about today? Is today good, little one? No? Nuts.

Okay, after chatting with @geoffk on twitter, I like this idea of a baby pool guessing when she'll get here. But, because twitter is a 140 character medium, I figure I should flesh it out here on the blog so those of you who aren't on twitter can play along, too, if you like.

Your guess, please: When will this baby come and how much will she weigh? (thanks @magazinemama for nailing the question since I have no idea how these things are supposed to work).

The facts: I'm due June 18th. This is a first baby, which tend to come a little later. But, I'm also 35 years old and may not make it to June 18th (BTW, full term was more than a week ago-- so she can come at any time and it's all good). The husband and I were both average-sized babies ourselves, which suggests she'll be average also.

The prize: a $25 dollar gift card to a coffee or tea place that I can reasonably get to with a newborn. So, that means places like Starbucks, Stumptown, Peets.. places in downtown Portland or just across the river. I'll mail it to you, but it might take me a week or three, since (and hopefully you can understand) I'll be a little busy.

The details: If a few of you pick the same winning date/weight then I'll draw a name out of a hat.

If you want to guess, just leave me a comment on this blog with a working email address (it doesn't show up publicly) or let me know on twitter by at-replying me (NO DMs, thank you)