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WEEK 6: what happened to week 5?

by Stephanie Stricklen

Posted on July 28, 2009 at 1:09 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:42 PM

When we started remodeling this house, the husband and I had a discussion about central air. Did we want AC? Was it worth the price? After all, you really only need it for a few weeks over the summer, right? The rest of the time you can make due.

Let me just tell you how absolutely, positively over the moon I am that we have it. OVER. THE. MOON. I can't fathom having baby Elle in a hot, stuffy house. She doesn't even enjoy stroller walks when it's in the low 90s. And short of stripping her down to her diaper and blasting her with a fan... I don't know that we'd be able to keep her cool. So, while we're all a little stir crazy right now, you won't hear any complaints. We're not sweating to death.


Baby Elle is slowly starting to stretch her overnight feedings. Of course, a 5 hour stretch for her doesn't mean 5 hours of sleep for mama. It's more like 3 to 3.5 hours of shuteye for me. But let me tell you something that most parents already know; the first night you get (relatively) good sleep you feel like a million bucks. Maybe $2 million. That happened for me two nights ago. I ran around the house like Superwoman. I could take on anything. Chores? No problem. Fussy baby? Please. Getting in a workout? Piece of cake.

Baby Elle; apparently not a fan of the new mobile toy for the car carrier upon initial introduction. She likes it now, especially the crinkly bits when she manages to get her hands on it.

Getting consistent nights like that are the first step in me coming back to do Live @ 7. Elle is only 6 weeks old, so I'm not counting on anything yet. But, we're getting there. It's starting to happen. And for the first time since June 10th-- when I went into labor-- I feel like I have a head that is free of fog and cobwebs. Man, do I hope this trend sticks around for a bit.

Speaking of 6 weeks old, I realized the other day I forgot to write a week 5 update. Baby Elle is napping less and her since her smiles are apparently laced with a drug I call mama-crack, I find myself addicted to spending all day with her in an effort to catch every last one. If only you guys could see me at the house... making stupid faces, singing stupid songs, acting like a doofus. And you know what? It's awesome, because it works.


Of course, Dad has the market absolutely cornered on baby Elle smiles. He plays a simple game with her, "Running Through the Woods". He lays her on her back and pumps her little legs as fast as he can and off they go... jumping over imaginary logs, dodging bears, tripping over roots. And she lights up like the Rockefeller Christmas tree. It is hands-down her favorite thing in the world right now. I think she likes it more than my boobs.

Since we're on the topic, it's about time I get her fed. These blogs take me half the afternoon to finish because baby Elle demands her mama (I started this one at noon). Stay cool. And thanks for the blog comments and the emails. It's nice to feel connected.

What a wild ride I'm on. :)