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I need to be pinched...

by Adam Bjaranson

Posted on June 24, 2007 at 11:22 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:41 PM

Alright, I guess this is happening once again! The Beaver baseballers are playing like a well-oiled machine in Omaha! I'm in as much amazement as the rest of you! As I said after the Super's probably time to start thinking about lobbying Pat Casey for Governor of Oregon. He'd win in a landslide....that's my thought. This guy is truly special. Yes, it's the players that swing the bats, round the bases, throw the pitches....I get that! But they all follow Casey's lead....and it's a beautiful, successful formula.
Yesterday's 11-4 throttling of UNC...brings OSU one win away from their second straight national championship.
My impressions from the press box on Saturday (because the NCAA prohibits "blogging" during live games). By the way, that's a bunch of horse puckey! I was able to do it during the Ducks tourney run last March. My guess is it's an ESPN thing.
Anyways, I'll control the things I can control.

**Foul ball frenzy:
When a foul goes back against the's absolute comedy. The ball girl needs to run out and catch it before it hits the ground, otherwise the entire Rosenblatt crowd will boo her! Tough crowd indeed. Everybody (about 150 media members) in the press box broke into laughter each time. Classic!

**Freshmen phenoms:
It can't be easy running out in front of 30K fans....and a few million others on TV. Jorge Reyes and Joey Wong have just taken it all in stride. They are playing like seasoned veterans here....and it's one of the highlights of this fabulous run!

**Fox talk:
UNC Head Coach Mike Fox got a little chippy in the postgame presser last night.
A reporter said to Fox, "It looks like your team came out a little tight, did you have that same impression?" Fox got defensive. I don't have exact transcript, but he said his team belongs here, they'll rebound, and if they were tight they don't deserve to be here. He added that he'd rather have his team in this position than anyone elses. Really coach? How 'bout being in OSU's of 10 straight and not trailing a single time in their last 61 innings? I'll take the Beavs.

We are heading downtown to mingle with OSU fans. We'll turn something on that for our 5 pm newscast tonight. Yes, you'll be watching the OSU game, but peel yourself away for me! It'll be in near the top of the show :)
I'll chime in later!