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It's Official Chaos....

by Adam Bjaranson

Posted on November 12, 2007 at 10:43 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:41 PM

Those of you in attendance at Reser Stadium on Saturday had every right to grip over the officiating. What a joke! On Monday, the Pac-10 Commissioner (Tom Hansen) reprimanded the officiating crew for blowing an obvious call late in the Beavs game with Washington. Mind you, this was a crucial game for OSU. They NEEDED this win to become bowl eligible.
Back to those officials....really? I'd love to hear from each of them WHY they didn't feel the need to review Yvenson Bernard's fumble. It was obvious to each and every one of the 45,629 in attendance! Why not review this? I'm getting incredibly frustrated with how officials have been handling games in the past few years. The Ducks know they stole one last year-- sorry Sooner fans! I know it's not very easy to be an official.... but for crying out loud guys... GET IT RIGHT! If you review the play, it will bear no further abuse!
Said Hansen on Monday, "We do believe the instant replay officials did not perform properly on the Bernard fumble play. There was human error in that while reviewing
the available replays the crew failed to notify the game officials to
stop play before the ball was snapped for the next play. It was not the
fault of the equipment. The game should have been stopped and the play
reviewed. The members of the IR crew have been reprimanded."
Here's hoping this helps eliminate the foolishness that was all the talk around the water cooler this morning!