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The Axe Falls in Corvallis

by Craig Edwards

Posted on January 20, 2008 at 10:54 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:41 PM

By Craig Edwards

Sporting Events still going on past 9:00pm pacific time are fairly rare on a Sunday night. But breaking news out of the sports world is even harder to find at that hour. The Oregon State Beavers broke the norm tonight.

The school fired Men's head basketball coach Jay John, ending speculation that had been around all season, but really intensified in the last week.

In all, John spent about 5 1/2 seasons in Corvallis, with a record of 72-97. In 2004-05, he lead OSU to its first winning season since 1990. But the Beavs went 8-34 in the Pac-10 after that, including 0-6 this season.

It's rare for college coaches to get fired mid-season, so many people may be wondering why in this case. I will never pretend to know what OSU's leaders were thinking. However, the Pac-10 is the toughest basketball conference in the country this year, and the Beavers could very well go 0-18. The heavily hyped addition of transfer CJ Giles isn't panning out like John hoped.

As someone who went to college at a time where basketball was irrelevant at my school (Washington State), you MUST at least be competitive by winning games, or you'll keep losing for a long, long time. No amount of games where the team "hangs in tough" will mean anything if no one believes you have a legitimate chance to win night in and night out... and right now, no one does in Corvallis.

Folks, I'll be suprised if this Beaver team wins another game this season. It's best for the school to admit it now and start rebuilding, rather than waiting for things to turn around... when they simply won't.