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The "Boss Man"....Super Bowl Champ!!

by Adam Bjaranson

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Posted on February 3, 2008 at 11:24 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:41 PM

It's roughly 4 hours after the conclusion of Super Bowl XLII. And I can't say I've seen a more excited group of news people! The NY Giants pull over the sports stunner of the decade....beating previously unbeaten New England, 17-14. And, by now---if your an Oregonian---you know that Philomath's Kevin Boss played a pretty big part.
With the Giants trailing in the 4th quarter....the 6' 7" rookie tight end got loose....and caught a 45-yard pass from Eli Manning. It led to New York's first TD of the game....and the big gainer was the biggest of the entire game.
So, there will be a hero's welcome once Boss comes back to his hometown. He's really one of those true success stories. His mom Teresa told me last week that Kevin had dreams of playing in the NBA---not the NFL. But once he told his mom he was heading to Western Oregon University to play football....she said emphatically, "Your doing what!?!?!" I guess Kevin had it right all along.
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy too! I talked with Kevin about 3 days after the Giants victory over Green Bay....and he said the Giants "weren't in awe" of New England. And he wasn't sure what to expect about the craziness leading up to game day!
The Boss family was very accomodating with us.....and comes from an awesome community that supports Boss each and everytime out. And this couldn't have ended any better for the entire town of Philomath. Congrats to Boss and the entire Philomath, WOU, and NYG community.
By the way, Boss told me he'd be willing to come on as a guest on Sports Sunday after the season was over....I'm really gonna hold it to him now :)