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Seahawks Choose Their Man

by Craig Edwards

Posted on February 6, 2008 at 6:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:41 PM

By Craig Edwards

Seattle football fans now know who will replace Mike Holmgren after he leaves the Seahawks following next season. Your winner is .......... Jim Mora, the same guy everyone thought it would be after Holmgren announced his decision a couple weeks ago. Mora even gave up a chance at the Washington Redskins' heading coaching job because he probably knew this was coming (granted, the situation in our nation's capital would make anybody run and hide right now).

Now, there are those Seahawk fans who may feel a bit underwhelmed by the choice. This is the same Jim Mora who got fired in Atlanta after running his mouth about wanting to coach at the University of Washington.

But I think this is a good hire. Mora did take Michael Vick (pre-prison days) and the Falcons to the NFC Championship game. Besides, many coaches who struggle in their first NFL job often have much more success with their second team. Very few fans seem to remember that Bill Belichick went 36-44 in five seasons with the Cleveland Browns.

I also believe Mora learned a lot in Atlanta, including how to keep his mouth shut. In many ways, his situation is much like Randy Moss'. Moss escaped from Oakland, which doesn't look like it will put a winning team together before the turn of the century, and ended up playing in his first Super Bowl. It really seems like Mora escaped Atlanta, right before the franchise imploded thanks to Michael Vick. I'll go on record and call it one of history's luckiest firings.

The move also gives the franchise continuity. They will keep much of the same offensive and defensive philosophies, allowing young players they've drafted to grow without having to relearn everything multiple times. That is how you stay on top and competitive like the old 49ers, and the current New England Patriots are doing.

Seahawks fans, you've got one more year of Mike Holmgren. Then, you hope Mora can follow him with more runs to the playoffs. Wait. His last name is Mora, so it's more like: PLAYOFFS??? Don't talk about PLAYOFFS. I'm just hoping we can win a game.