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Showing the Blazers Some "Love?"

by Craig Edwards

Posted on June 4, 2008 at 5:53 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:41 PM

By Craig Edwards

It's a busy time down at the Blazers' practice facility, as they work out prospects before the NBA Draft. All sorts of names have visited Tualatin. But one name that hasn't worked out for the team is stirring up all kinds of debate.... Kevin Love.

The Blazers have invited the former Lake Oswego star to work out prior to the draft, but as of this writing, he has yet to RSVP.

For some reason, this has a lot of Oregonians upset, saying Love is snubbing his hometown team. These are probably the same people who leveled insult after insult at Love when he played down at Mac Court back in January, simply because he "snubbed" the Ducks to play at UCLA (that's another debate for another time).

Folks, there is nothing that requires Kevin Love to workout for the Blazers. The weeks before the draft are a long process, and take a lot of work to navigate. Here are three reasons Kevin Love should NOT work out for the Blazers.

1. The Blazers have the 13th overall pick - The chances that Love is available at #13 are minimal. A trade to jump up higher is possible, but would likely be too high for GM Kevin Pritchard to take. For Love, working out for the Blazers would mean working out for a team that probably CAN'T draft him.

2. Not every player needs to work out for every team. Let's look at CJ Giles of Oregon State, he's doing anything he can to sell himself to an NBA team. He HAS to. Right now, he's unlikely to get picked, and needs to generate as much interest in himself as possible. There are all sorts of teams interested in Kevin Love. He doesn't have to create a buzz... it's already there.

3. Workouts are NOT always a good thing. Say you work out for a team, and a coach doesn't like how you shoot the ball. It doesn't matter if you're a 100% shooter, word's going to spread like wildfire that you don't have a good shot, hurting your draft stock. Based on his in-game action from this year, Kevin Love has a great resume. Sometimes it is smarter and safer to let that resume stand for itself.

I think Kevin Love is going to make a great pro player, emphasis on the word "Pro." As with any walk of life, professionals only do things that help them gain something.

Right now, there is really nothing for Kevin Love to gain from working out for the Blazers.