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The Mariners Drop 100

by Craig Edwards

Posted on September 25, 2008 at 8:08 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:40 PM

By Craig Edwards

If you're a Seattle Mariners fan, one word can easily describe the 2008 Major League Baseball season for you: "Bleh!"

Last night, the Mariners recorded loss #100 for the season. Seattle hasn't dropped 100 games in a season since way back in 1983.

To make matters worse, the 2008 M's have earned a dubious honor. They're the first team with a payroll of $100 million to lose 100 games... not the kind of history anyone wants to be part of.

To make matters even worse, this disaster comes in a season that saw lots of analysts predict the M's to win their division. Instead, we got dashed hopes in Seattle, and the LA Angels as division champs again.

The architect of this shipwreck, GM Bill Bavasi, got to walk the plank (keeping with the nautical theme of the Mariners name) after five years on board. At least Seattle fans didn't have to deal with seven years of Matt Millen. Manager John McLaren got shoved overboard shortly after Bavasi. The team hasn't played a meaningful game since June.

But all is not lost Mariner fans. Seattle will likely get some top candidates for both jobs. Despite the problems on the field, this is still a top franchise that is willing to spend money. The GM job is one lots of top executives would love to get. Plus, a lot of the Mariners' bad contracts (like Richie Sexson) start coming off the books this offseason, meaning there's money to spend. And, the worst record in baseball does get you the number one pick in the draft. Combine a good GM with the right draft choices, and things will turn around.

But for Mariner fans, 2008 went the way of the Titantic.