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Step Back from the Ledge

by Craig Edwards

Posted on September 24, 2009 at 8:07 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:40 PM

Normally, we have to tell college football fans to step back from the proverbial ledge after their team suffers a devastating defeat. If it happens early enough, one loss will not kill their season.

But this week, it feels like I have to give that same message, but for the exact opposite reason. So here goes:

Washington Husky Fans, step back from the proverbial ledge. YOU CAN NOT FLY. If you jump, you will crash, and it will not be pleasant.

To be honest, I still can't believe that Washington actually pulled off the upset over USC. But even worse, I can't believe some of the stuff I've heard from Husky fans in the aftermath.

To those of you saying "The Dawgs are Back" or "They're going to the Rose Bowl," I can only say one thing:


Don't get me wrong, you have every right to be excited and happy after the win over Southern Cal. Even though I'm a Coug (yes, I went to Wazzu), I will admit to some bit of happiness for you and the players who endured the season that was 0-12.

But one upset win does not mean you've turned things around. Rebuilding is a process, not a flip of the switch. Saturday's win was a good step, but just a step. Please put things in perspective.

The 2008 Huskies went 0-12 for a very good reason... They were BAD! They didn't play well. They turned the ball over too much and committed too many penalties at the exact wrong time (Jake Locker against BYU comes to mind).

Two weeks ago, the Huskies ended their 15-game losing streak against Idaho. I'll let you in on a secret...Idaho is BAD.

Last week, they beat USC, mainly because Aaron Corp apparently thought that anyone wearing a football helmet was on his team. He played... you guessed it.. BAD(ly).

Husky fans, get excited by this game. Your team deserved to win it... and USC deserved to lose it. But don't get TOO excited. Remember that you play in a conference where most, if not all, of the other teams are better than you. Only time will tell, but you should expect the Huskies to struggle again this season. Jake Locker is a special player, but if he goes down, you may not see another win.

That being said, I do think the Washington program is heading in the right direction for its fans.

Ugh. After writing that, I feel the need to cleanse my soul. Going back and watching the '92 Apple Cup should do it. Long live the Snowbowl!!