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Week 8: Running Long Hurts!

Pat Dooris

by Pat Dooris

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Posted on June 8, 2011 at 4:32 PM

KGW Reporter Pat Dooris is a self-described walker/jogger who decided to try to tackle the goal of running a half-marathon. He joined a 13-week training program led by noted running author and coach Jeff Galloway, and has been blogging weekly about his progress as he prepares to run the Sauvie Island Flat Half Marathon on July 4 weekend.

Week 8

I can’t believe I actually typed those words from week 7 on my keyboard.

Okay---yes---I really did feel that way. But I suspected even then I might be tempting fate---and it appears 11 miles will make me pay. During the run, I felt great.

My fellow Galloway team members and I cruised around downtown Portland, up stairways and over train tracks, along the esplanade beside the Willamette River and up into the hills on the west side of the city.

We chatted along the way about all sorts of things from barbecue recipes to marriage communication books. One of our team members, Philippe, offered to teach French on the next long run. He grew up there so I expect to learn his language perfectly!

We chuckled at the things group leader Aaron wrote in chalk on sidewalks and driveways. Some urged us on other promised it was the last hill we’d face for the day. After the run we all high five’d---11 miles and still standing. It’s the farthest I’ve ever run, although hopefully I will go farther still in the weeks ahead.

I’d like to say all ended well. But Sunday after the run I felt a twinge or two on the inside of my left shin, above the ankle but below the knee. I took some ibuprofen and put some ice on it. Monday morning I could barely walk. My left shin was killing me!

More ice and ibuprofen helped me get through the day. Tuesday it felt much better---still sore but not so bad. Wednesday the leg felt nearly normal. Still, I’m a bit worried. I don’t remember doing anything to hurt my leg, no trips or falls or twists. Will it hurt just as much or more on the next long one? Hope not. I’ll let you know. The half marathon is coming up.