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Week 10 3 weeks left to half!

Week 10  3 weeks left to half!

by Pat Dooris

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Posted on June 13, 2011 at 5:49 PM

Updated Sunday, Oct 20 at 5:49 AM

 13.2 miles!

I would have never ever in a million years thought I would run that far unless the car broke down somewhere, and then I’d surely walk.

But on Sunday, while thousands attended the Grand Floral parade in downtown Portland, I joined my Galloway posse for a little run. It went great---mostly.

We started on the East Bank Esplanade at the Vera Katz statue, crossed the Hawthorne Bridge and then ran up to the Steel bridge. We next turned around, retraced our steps and ran down past Oaks Bottom Park amusement center, then back up the the Hawthorne across and up to the Steel and finally back to good ole Vera Katz statue.

Along the way Julee (one of our running professionals) and Patrick (an architect) began talking food. Seems there are lots of terrific hamburger places in our city that they know about and I have missed.  What a treat to have fun “foodies” describing their favorite places!

We ran and walked at a 3 to 1 pace. Three minutes running, one walking. And I’m not kidding when I say the 2 and a half hours went so fast I wish we’d run a bit longer.

Afterward I felt surprisingly good (which may have been a bit of the endorphins---but whose complaining?) The biggest surprise came when I stepped out of my car at home. A stinging, burning feeling on the inside of my upper thighs told me I was in trouble.

Now I have to admit, my runner friends at KGW-TV  once time hinted that chaffing might be an issue as I increased the miles. But I sort of forgot.

I thought bandaids on the chest would cover me. I wear the same shorts each time for the long runs and after the last 11 mile trek everything down below felt fine.

But After 13? Not so fine. The shorts have a light weight liner---and over time---I tell you they begin to scrape like a rough file against gentle skin not used to abuse.

Five hours after the end of the run it felt like I had huge raw patches on the upper insides of my thighs. It hurt each time I took a step. Rough jeans were probably not the best choice to wear but I pulled a night shift at the tv station and it didn’t occur to me until this exquisite moment that the chaffing pain might actually incease! Holy cats! Feels like rubbing a rough towel over sun burned shoulders. Or maybe its more like the feeling of an open cut that keeps getting nudged.

Either way, it certainly distracts me from any tiredness or pain I might be feeling in the rest of my body. This running thing is a blast---but dang there’s a lot to learn.

I mentioned that a couple weeks ago to Phillipe, the physical therapist running with us. He smiled knowingly and said the most painful lessons are the ones we learn the best---and remember the longest. Chaffing from the running shorts is right up there for me. I’m gonna remember this for a long time!