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Week 5: Running with Ryan

Week 5: Running with Ryan

by Pat Dooris

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Posted on May 12, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 7:56 AM

Could you run a Half Marathon? For lifelong runners, the answer is probably "sure" or "done that." But not for KGW-TV Reporter Pat Dooris.The self-confessed NON-runner had never done more than a 5K until a year ago, and had never been a "runner" as an adult.But in April, he was inspired to tackled the challenge of trying to run a Half Marathon.He's signed up for the Foot Traffic Flat Fast Half, a 13.1 mile run around Portland's Sauvie Island over the July 4 holiday, and has also joined a 13-week training program with others who share his goal.He's going to be blogging each week about his experience, and - hopefully - his transformation into a Half Marathoner.Your tips and experiences are welcome in our COMMENTS section.

Saturday, May 7th promised to be cold and rainy and I must admit I was not that excited to gather with the Galloway running team in Portland for our magic mile.

But my energetic ten year old son changed that when he agreed to train with the adults.

As a member of his school track team he felt pretty confident he could handle whatever I would attempt.

We arrived early at the REI meet spot in Portland’s Pearl district. Ryan ran sprints in the icy wind to keep warm as we waited for the group to arrive. Soon the team assembled and Julee led us off to the track at Lincoln High.

As I huffed and puffed along the way, Ryan ran along every curb and side wall he could find. Some on the team asked if they could have some of his energy. We all laughed. It had left many us decades ago.

An 8 year old named Mathew is also part of the group. He’s training for the half marathon with his grandmother. Mathew soon fell in with Ryan as we continued jogging toward the track.

Even though Ryan thought it would be fun to see what we were doing—he’d insisted he was not doing any running at the track. He apparently does plenty of that on his 5th grade team. But peer pressure is a wonderful thing. Mathew was there for his work out and ready to run. Ryan didn’t miss a beat and joined right in. I reminded him he was going to watch, not run. He just shrugged with ten year old wisdom.

Some things don’t have to be said I guess.

At the track we jogged some warm up laps then sprinted gliders. Ryan and Mathew ran hard to make sure they beat all the adults.

Then it was time for the magic mile. That’s a Jeff Galloway program that times our walk run effort for a mile to get an idea of how we’ll do in the half or full marathon and to find the speed we should be training at as we aim toward those races.

I’m not all that fit—but I thought it would be a good chance to show my son who is still the king of the jungle in the house.

I planned to easily beat my ten year old around the track four times.

If only it was so. I took an early lead but youth and vigor proved stronger.

Ryan passed me and kept on going, running a relaxed mile in 8 minutes 31 seconds. I finished at 8 minutes 41 seconds.

Hm. So much for king of the jungle.

I enjoyed running with Ryan that special Saturday.

He’s not invited next time.