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Week 9: Four weeks to the Half!

Pat Dooris

by Pat Dooris

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Posted on June 8, 2011 at 4:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jun 8 at 4:33 PM

KGW Reporter Pat Dooris is a self-described walker/jogger who decided to try to tackle the goal of running a half-marathon. He joined a 13-week training program led by noted running author and coach Jeff Galloway, and has been blogging weekly about his progress as he prepares to run the Sauvie Island Flat Half Marathon on July 4 weekend.

Week 9

June 4th One month to go!

We ran an easy route from the REI in Portland’s Pearl District, up to Lincoln High School.

It was time for a few gliders and then a new timed “magic mile” to get another snap shot of what our pace should be for the half marathon on July 4th.

I shared my story of leg pain with my fellow runners who smiled knowingly and told me I was getting a glimpse of the other side of running---the aches and pains. Group leader Aaron Simpson told me to keep track of the pain because if it goes away relatively quickly its nothing to worry about. If it comes and stays—that’s trouble.

I don’t want trouble. We have 30 days to go and I am determined to run this half marathon. I'm trying not to think about getting hurt. Its sort of a scary thought. I've come a long way from a non runner to thinking 13 miles wont be so bad.

 If things go well, I’ll think about continuing on for the Portland Marathon. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

I ran the mile in our run-walk-run pattern in 8 minutes 26 seconds. I thought that was a huge improvement for my time until my son Ryan reminded me I’d run 8:40-something the weekend he ran with me. Oh. Well, I’m a bit faster.

And my leg doesn’t hurt too much. I’ll let you know how this next weekend goes. As everyone else prepares for the Grand Floral parade, I and my pals will run 12.5 miles. Again, my longest run ever. Cant wait!