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Naming sources on Kyron Horman coverage

by Rod Gramer

Posted on July 14, 2010 at 12:52 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 14 at 1:44 PM

Some users of have wondered about our use of a “reliable source” for information in the Kyron Horman investigation. For example, one person wrote that it appeared that KGW had risked its journalistic integrity or perhaps was using a Tabloid-style of reporting to get a scoop in the case.

I want to assure you that we would never do anything to violate our journalistic ethics, especially to "get a scoop."

We do not use anonymous sources lightly at KGW NewsChannel 8. We believe that in 99.9 percent of the cases our sources should be named and go on camera. But there are rare exceptions when we need to use a reliable source whom we cannot identify to get information to you, the public.

We only use these sources when we know that they can provide us with accurate and reliable information.

I realize that by doing this we are asking you, our viewers and web users, to trust us. We work hard every day to build a reservoir of trust with our news consumers. Over the years we hope that you would agree that we have earned your trust. It is at times like this, when we have to rely on unidentified sources, that we tap that reservoir of trust.

The Kyron Horman case is an important story. Our reliable source has been able to provide crucial and accurate information that helps explain what is happening with the case. Our pledge to you is that we will continue to apply the highest journalistic standards and ethics as we pursue this story.

Our hope is that you will continue to put your trust in our reporting.

Rod Gramer

Executive News Director

KGW NewsChannel 8