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Plunkett's Project

by Amy Troy

Posted on March 14, 2006 at 5:25 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:40 PM

They call it "Plunkett's Project". And it's taking off.

On February 27th we learned a World War II Veteran, 82 year old Luke Plunkett, was about to be evicted from his Vancouver home. The City of Vancouver found many dangerous code violations inside Plunkett's house. The deadline to fix the violations was looming - he had no money to fix them.

While photojournalist Steve Redlin and I were interviewing Plunkett in his house, three men arrived. They wanted to help. They represented "AGC Home Improvements" - and between them they had decades of experience remodeling homes.

They toured the home, taking notes, adding figures. They estimated it would cost about 80 thousand dollars to "bring the home to code"... to fix the roof, the electrical wiring, the gas furnace, the basement, plumbing... and more. They put calls out to area home builders to ask others to get involved. They also started a bank account.

Since that day in February word about Plunkett's Project has spread. AGC Home Improvements is taking the lead on the project to save Plunkett's home. They're working with City leaders, and many in the community.

On Saturday, March 11th they went to work and filled two city-provided dumpsters. While they work, Plunkett is temporarily living in a motor home (donated) beside his house. Volunteers from all over our area are now getting involved. It should take two months to finish the remodel project.

There are a couple of ways to get involved.
**Email Wayne Tyler of AGC ....

**Or make a donation to "Plunkett's Project" at any Riverview Bank branch

That's the amazing part of this job. That's what I love about it. As Journalists we learn about people in need, share the information and a community responds.

Thanks to everyone involved in "Plunkett's Project"

Amy Troy