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Military Families

by Pat Dooris

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Posted on August 4, 2006 at 6:51 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:40 PM


I've always been impressed by military families. I remembered why again today.

I interviewed Debi Bosworth who has a 29 year old son in Afghanistan.
She's a powerful executive at a local company, outgoing, friendly, confident.

And yet, when she began talking about her son and her fear about where he is and the danger that surrounds him and the other soldiers there...she began to cry.

Nine hundred and fifty Oregon National Guard soldiers are in Afghanistan tonight.

I don't know how many other folks in the full time military there and in Iraq have Northwest ties...but I'm sure there are plenty.

And I suspect they each have family and loved ones who feel like Debi Bosworth.

In the past, soldiers would go to war and send an occasional letter home. Now, families can chat almost daily. I suspect its harder than the old days. Wonder what the fire fights are like in Southern Afghanistan? There it is on the internet...posted by the incredible Scott Kesterson who is doing truly fantastic work. But it sure brings it home...shows us all the action up close and personal. It makes it harder to keep the safe, non threatening image we may have in our minds about what its like.

My brother is a navy pilot. I remember several of his deployments and the worry that quietly shadowed our family.

I'll bet the video images make it a bit harder for family members to sleep at night, even though they probably can't get enough, craving for information about their loved one.

But they do sleep---and get up the next day and put on smiles like nothing is wrong. But just below the surface there is love and pride and fear and worry about that man or woman they love ----who is so far from home.

And the worry won't end or the tension drain for families, until their loved one is safely home.