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Katrina One Year Later - Day 3: Brad Pitt run-in

by Keely Chalmers

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Posted on August 31, 2006 at 11:11 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:40 PM


By Keely Chalmers

Brad Pitt was in New Orleans to pick the winner of an architectural design competition. Pitt is spearheading a design contest for an apartment complex to be built in the Holy Cross neighborhood. The apartment will be both environmentally friendly and architecturally unique.

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Pitt held a press conference in downtown New Orleans. My friend and I decided to check it out. As Mr. Pitt was leaving the building, tabloid magazines were outside, yelling for him to turn their way for that perfect money shot.


But just as Pitt was getting into his car, my friend asked him, "Are you here to encourage other people to visit and help rebuild the city?" He got out of his car, turned to her and said that yes, he was here to not only help reinvigorate the city but to bring people back to their neighborhoods. My friend listened intently, as the tabloid reporters and photographers were simply left to snap photos of the back of his head. Whoops. My friend felt bad that the blog took center stage. Too bad my photography skills weren't a little better.


He did seem very nice and sincere. And we thought his intentions were heart-felt. We were pleasantly surprised by the "mega movie-star."


But I was also pleasantly surprised by my friend. She truly loves New Orleans. She, like everyone here, is determined to bring people back. Whether it be friends, tourists, even movie stars. New Orleanians want everyone to know that the city, undoubtedly, suffered a devastating hit, but it is still New Orleans. It is fun and vibrant and still a total blast.