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Reporter Snow Day

by Jane Smith

Posted on January 16, 2007 at 6:50 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:39 PM


What a snow day!
As I watched the snow fall on my front walk this morning, I wondered what the day would bring.

As soon as I walked into the station, I was sent to find out what was happening on I-5 at 217.
We found I-5 North to be a parking lot. Drivers were inching along. The 217 off-ramp was worse.
Two semi's were stuck. They created a chain reaction and dozens of drivers were stuck as well.
Photographer Casey Nolen hopped a fence by the highway and began shooting video. Since we weren't near a live truck, I called in a live "phoner" to tell Russ and Brenda what we were seeing.
We found two good samaritans who were spending their morning pushing drivers around the stuck semi's. The station was on live all morning, so we drove that video back to the station. We aired a quick snipet and then went to the helipad to fly in Sky8.
We were basically looking for back ups, accidents, any trouble spots in the Portland area. It didn't take long before our assignment desk sent us to a sled riding accident in Vancouver.
To get there, we flew across the runway at PDX. Our chopper pilot assured me air traffic control approved the maneuver! Flying across a runway? Have you ever? What a great job!
We found the accident scene just as paramedics were loading the person into the
ambulance. It turns out a sled rider was hit by a minivan and was seriously harmed. We aired the video live for a news cut-in.
We then headed back to the helipad where Pat Dooris and I changed places. I was back on the ground and he was in Sky 8.

Once I made it back to the station, I was sent to OHSU where we were to interview another sled riding victim. A 14 year old girl broke her tailbone after launching four feet in the air on a snow jump in Laurelhurst Park.

To avoid a treacherous ride up to OHSU, photographer Alex Lynch and I took the tram! It was our first trip.
We were at our destination in three minutes flat.
The gal we interviewed was the seventh person treated at OHSU's emergency room with sled riding injuries.
Many weren't looking where they were headed and ended up hitting trees and cars.
She'll be released from the hospital tommorrow.

As I get ready to head back home tonight, I think about the day and how sometimes you never know where it's going to take you.