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Spider Boy

by Jane Smith

Posted on May 7, 2007 at 5:47 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:39 PM


This one is a talker!
A nine year old Albany boy walked around with "crackling" noise in his ear for two days until he finally went to the doctor to find out the cause.
Turns out, it was two spiders crawling around near his ear drum.
The boy, Jesse Courtney, says he wasn't in any pain, he was just "bothered" by the persistent sound.
We spoke to his doctor today who told us the only other time in 22 years he's pulled an insect from a patient's ear was when a woman had a moth fluttering in her ear. The moth had gotten stuck on earwax and couldn't get out.

Photographer Scott Williams and I were talking on our drive to Albany about anything similar that had happened to us. Scott's story was when his brother-in-law was little and put a corn kernel in his ear. The kernel grew and had to be extracted.
My story doesn't involve me, but my five year old niece, Isabel. About three years ago, she stuck a Polly Pocket shoe in her nostril. My sister tells the harrowing tale of how her husband held Izzy down while she took tweezers to her nose.
Those situations are common, where a child puts a foreign object where it doesn't belong.

But Jesse's story is far more rare. Two spiders looking for a dark, warm place to call home. Jesse named the spiders "Floatie and Drownie." He's taken them to school to show his teachers.
No matter how long the spider bodies stay preserved in a vile of saline, Jesse will have a story he can tell for a lifetime.