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A Search That Ends Incredibly

by Pat Dooris

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Posted on September 6, 2007 at 7:50 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:39 PM


In my 22 years as a reporter, I've covered lots and lots of searches.

Few have the incredible ending that Doris Anderson's saga promises.

Many of us on searches are acutely aware that time is not a friend to the missing.

The longer the search drags on---the less likely you will be found alive.

And yet---hats off to the professionals who refuse to give up.

I covered the search for the Kim family in Southern Oregon. James Kim, unfortunately died in his attempt to get help for his family.

But I'll never forget the way the pro's got up each day convinced they would find the family alive.

I have not covered the search for Doris Anderson---but I'm sure the tenacity was the same near the Wallowa Mountain wilderness area.

And today---13 days after she disappeared---incredibly---unexpectedly---some will say miraculously---a Baker County sheriff's deputy and an Oregon State Police trooper found her in the bottom of a box canyon in the rugged wilderness.

I can't wait to hear her story of survival---and the story behind the story---how the deputy and trooper happened to find her.

We cover so much news that is sad---heartbreaking searches ending badly and the like. Its nice to see a story that might inspire us all.

Know what I mean?