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My final byline on

by Frank Mungeam

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Posted on August 29, 2008 at 1:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:39 PM

By Antonia Giedwoyn, producer/writer

Dear readers,

After nearly six years of bylines for, it's time to write a bye-line.

I'm leaving KGW to attend graduate school at Pacific University, where I will pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology. I'm extremely excited to embark on this new endeavor. And yet......

I'll miss the frantic pace of breaking news...

I'll miss having access to a meteorologist on the premises five days a week...

And most of all, I'll miss the faces I've grown used to seeing daily - they are my caffeine...

blog pic.jpg

Caption: Having fun with the ladies of KGW and Left to right: Keely Chalmers, Teresa Blackman, former KGW reporter Jennifer Iveson, Jane Smith and Antonia Giedwoyn

It's been a ball working with site manager Frank Mungeam, senior producer Teresa Blackman and David Krough. The full-time staff is a small and tight-knit group. I am so happy to have worked with them and I'm proud to call them friends. They are dedicated journalists and excellent people.

Over the last half dozen years, I've written approximately 6,000 stories for Some have made me cry, some have made me curse, some have made me roll my eyes and laugh at the absurdity.

And so, if I may, I would like to impart some parting wisdom I have gleaned over these last few years thanks to criminals and common folks suffering from errors of judgment:

--Never leave a live chicken in a hot car

--Never call 911 because you want the "cute deputy" to come back

--Never leave your name and address at the scene of a bank you've just robbed. (Please don't rob a bank in the first place. If absolutely desperate for cash, you can always sell your plasma.)

--Never steal a pirate -- real or wooden

--Drive very, very carefully when transporting eight colonies of honey bees on Interstate 205

--Never write X-rated e-mails to a coworker - particularly a subordinate - if you are chief of police, or if you aren't chief of police

--If you're going to break the law speeding, don't videotape yourself doing it

--If you're caught speeding 129 mph, don't claim you were looking for your lost wallet

And lastly,

--Never compete with a peacock for candy

Writing for you has been a privilege and a pleasure. Thank you for reading. Maybe some day we'll meet again...

in a therapist's office...

Take care and be good,

Antonia Giedwoyn