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March 9, 2010--Answering Some of Your Questions

by Bob Sallinger


Posted on March 9, 2010 at 10:35 PM

Thanks to everybody who is writing in with questions. Please keep them coming. I wil try to answer as many as possible as we make our way through the season. Below are answers to some recent questions:

How many eggs are there?

There are currently two eggs. The first was laid on the 4th and the second was laid on the 7th. Eggs are typically laid about 24-48 hours apart but it can be longer. There may still be more on the way.

Are these the same Red-tails as last year?

Yes. You can tell by comparing the markings on the birds with pictures from last year. Red-tais do form permanent pair bonds. There can be replacement of either of the pair either because of death of a mate or more rarely because another Red-tail comes in and successfully challenges for the territory. However for the most part, red-tails bond for life.

Do the Red-tails return to the same nest each year?

The hawks will return to the same territory--an area that they have staked out as their own and which they will guard against intrusions by other adult red-tails during nesting season. They can however mve their nests within the territory from year to year. This particular pair has nested at two different locations on the same fire escape over the last several years. Tey will reuse the remants of prior nests.

Does she turn the eggs?

She will turn her eggs several times a day. Turning the eggs ensures that they warm evenly and also keeps the membrane of the embryo from sticking to the shell