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March 11: Third Eggs in Hawk Nest!

March 11: Third Eggs in Hawk Nest!

by Bob Sallinger


Posted on March 11, 2010 at 7:32 AM

Updated Monday, Mar 15 at 2:25 PM

A third egg appeared in the nest on March 10th three days after the second egg and six days after the first egg. There could still be one more on the way. She has been incubating pretty steadily so the eggs that are already laid have been developing and moving toward hatch. Incubation takes about 28-32 days so the first egg should hatch sometime towards the end of the first week of April.  Chicks that hatch first will have a size advantage over their siblings.


PHOTOS: See 3rd Egg in Nest!

VIDEO: Watch Raptor Cam LIVE

SLIDESHOWS: Photos from the Nest


Where is the male?

The male is still around. The female does most of the incubation but the male can spot her once in awhile. He does periodically brig her food. Oftentimes you can tell right before he comes in because you can see her calling to him and clearly watching something flying by. She can also do some hunting for herself as well. The amount of time that the male spends incubating the eggs varied by individual pairs of birds and by species. I have peregrines that I monitor where the male does virtually 50% of the feeding.

Can we get sound for Raptor cam?

We actually tried to do get sound this year. We were ready to purchase a microphone but there were some delays and by the time we were ready the hawks were already spending a lot of time at the nest. We did not want to cause a disturbance on the fire escape the might cause them to move their nesting location so we decided to wait unitl next year.


How long to the young stay in the nest?

Typically the young will spend 45-46 days in the nest before taking their first flights. Birds develop incredibly quickly relative to mammals. The following is some information on other species:

Species                              Incubation Period   Time as nestling

Rufous Hummingbird    12-14 Days                20 Days

Bewicks Wren                  12-14 Days               14 Days

Vaux Swift                         18-20 Days                 28 Days

Robin                                 12-14 Days              14 days

Bald Eagle                        34-36 Days               70-98 Days

Great Blue Heron            28 Days                      56-60 Days

Mallard                               28-30 Days             Able to self feed and walk within hours of hatching               


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