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April 21, 2010: Growing Fast and Some Great News for Birds

by Bob Sallnger


Posted on April 21, 2010 at 8:16 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 5:37 AM

The chicks are now about a week old and growing fast. Amazing to think that they are already about 1/6th of the way towards flying.

Their feathers are thickening up and they have more than doubled in weight. They are now able to keep themselves warm to some degree and as some viewers have already noted, mom will spend less time during the day brooding them.

PHOTOS: Raptor chicks at 1 week

Mom will continue to brood the young periodically during the day and  through the night for some time to come. Even if you can't see a parent on Raptor Cam, they are almost always quite close by to protect the young from predators.


We got some great news for birds of prey this afternoon from Washington DC. Portland Audubon has been working with Congressman DeFazio and Senator Merkley for more than a year to pass legislation that will increase penalties for intentionally and maliciously harming protected bird species. Unfortunately, even though it has been illegal to harm protected birds since 1918, we still see way too much illegal shooting today. Every year Audubon's Wildlife Care Center is brought birds including red-tailed hawks, eagles, peregrines and herons that have been illegally shot.  Last fall, our legislation passed the full House of Representatives and today it passed out of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works with strong bipartisan support. We hope that it will pass the full Senate and be signed into law in the very near future. Thanks to the work of Senator Merkley and Congressman DeFazio birds like the Raptor Cam Red-tails will soon have stronger protection!

Finally thanks again to all the Raptor Cam viewers who came out Sunday to see the eagle release in Lake Oswego.  Below is a picture of the eagle on her way to freedom. Check out Audubon's website for all kinds of cool bird related events!