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Buzzcocks bring it to Berbati's

by David Krough


Posted on April 2, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 4:26 AM

Seminal punk icons the Buzzcocks have reunited and are coming back to Portland.

Spin mag reports original guitarist/vocalists Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle will be joined by Danny Farrant on drums, and bassist Chris Remington. They last toured in 2006-2007.

That tour stop in PDX I recall, my band the Lords of Borthwick were playing across town the same night. We were set to headline a rock-and-wrestling show at Mt. Tabor, so we hired a mascot to introduce us.

He was the Dandy Fop. Now this effeminate knave has been known to frequent random happenings and odd pairings around Portland for a few years. On this occasion, he had just rolled into town and was making the rounds. From the White Eagle, to the wine shop, east side to downtown, ribaldry and puff following in his wake.

It so happened that the Fop was frolicking gaily along E Burnside from whence the electric harps from fallen angels and grunty caterwaul emerged from a dank festhole. Olde pub songs of lawlessness and blasphemy against Her Majesty the Queen lulled the Fop inside and upon the stage he leapt with fury, offputting the jesters in the midst of their lyrical ode. He took over the microphone and with a wave of his powdered handkerchief, recited 'God Save the Queen' as the bards pounded out their sonic fury.

So as it happened, he had crashed the Buzzcocks soundcheck at Dantes. Finished the song, and sauntered away, all achortle, leaving the players vexed, yet bemused, spinning his tale of chance later that night while doing the into to our show. Two degrees, I suppose.

The show is Tuesday June 1 at Berbati's Pan.