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The Kids: Are they all right?

by David Krough


Posted on November 13, 2007 at 6:41 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:37 PM

So, the county 'youth' committee is proposing to the OLCC that minor-upper age teens be allowed in rock clubs.
They argue with portland such a hip and upcoming music scene, they are being denied the chance to play out, and see bands unlike their elders.
Like any cranky curmudgeon (that means OVER 30) I have a couple of opinions on the matter.
I've been playing in bands and going to shows since I was 14. Many, big arena rock concerts, some, mixed age shows with the bar separate from the all ages section, and ijn some cases, curfew shows.
This is what many Portland venues already do. (Crystal, Roseland, Aladdin, Mississippi Pizza) granted, not the majority of rock 'Clubs' like Ash St., Dantes, Slabtown etc.
In addition, there are a smattering of all age venues, most of which come and go pretty quick.

"I've reached the age where most of my friends are over 21, and they get to go to all this stuff and I don't, which is really frustrating," Alice Kersting told the AP.

Dear Alice, this will happen to you from time to time in life. Spoiler alert: You can't get the AARP benefits yet or a free car every birthday either. It's called a milestone, a watermark, coming of age. The struggle of youth everyone has to go through before the rewards are bestowed alongside with their adult responsibility counterparts.

As such, I am also not allowed to have a cocktail on the floor of the Roseland, and where ever else the underage section is. Fine.
Is part of this just a comeuppance on my part to deny the young what I was denied?

But call me Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkills, this idea proposes the use of wristbands, to limit minors' access to alcohol, and make sure they're accompanied by an adult. A case of intentions versus results: mark my words - the OLCC will eventually crack down on the bars after the arrests and fines start to go up.

All ages venues come and so very quickly because of ONE overlooked fact: Teens do not spend money on liquor. Teen bands play in the basement, in the garage, the school gym, the skate park and in some cases, the Club, where they stay OUT of the bar area. I've seen it many times (HI BEN BARNETT!! and TOMMY S!)

Bar owners - what do you think?