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Woman and children first

by David Krough


Posted on November 29, 2007 at 2:20 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:37 PM

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The big weekend is finally here.
We'll be running with the Devil himself like it's 1984.
Since I'm ignoring the Civil War, it's all about the V to that H.
Diamond Dave and the boys (literally, in Wolfie's case) have kept the ship righted so far and the reviews are great.
We've only been waiting, oh, 23 years. I was too young at the time, my folks didn't let me go when I was 12. But we're bringing it all back this time bar NOTHING.

Ever see the movie Heavy Metal Parking Lot? Yeah, like that. I've even got a Styrofoam cooler with 'VH' spraypainted on.

Busting out the Vans, half sleeve jersey, perhaps pinstripe pants (or Zubas) seeking feathered hair vixens. Roach clip feathers or bandannas a plus.

(Still trying to get rid of one ticket too, but it's $145. Good seat - email me)

In the meantime, tonight is the Pierced Arrows for Dante's Low Dough show. Totally amped up since watching UNKNOWN PASSAGE. (Buy that DVD! Local Legends the Coles won't disappoint as an inspiration to Rock and Roll and Rugged Oregon Individualism!)

Friday - it's the Guided by Voices glut of covers at the Tonic Lounge on NE Sandy for POLLARD FEST!


Join my pals Giant Bug Village to honor the man from Ohio who continues to defy age and gravity.

Also at the fest -
Metropolitan Farm
Kyle Sowash
Dan Lurie
Whew! More later!