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Check these flicks

by David Krough


Posted on January 16, 2008 at 11:43 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:37 PM

We want to welcome our movie Reviewer Ellen Kimball back for 2008!

There Will Be Blood

The movie title "There Will Be Blood" comes from a quote in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. "There will be blood everywhere in Egypt, even in the wooden and stone containers." This a small quibble, but there wasn't that much blood in this film. A more appropriate title could have been "There Will Be Oil." Upton Sinclair, author of the 1927 novel from which the story was taken, might have agreed. He called his book simply "Oil!"
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The Bucket List
Have you made out your list? No, not your shopping list or the day's to-do list. I'm talking about the most important one, "The Bucket List." Come on now -- you're never too young or too old to make your bucket list. Read on for an explanation.